A little about me...

I'm employed full-time as Head of Landscape and Gardens at Compton Verney, looking after 120 acres of Lancelot 'Capability' Brown landscape garden. I'm a lifelong gardener at heart, love nature and its variety and have almost exclusively worked with ornamental gardens, estates and landscapes. I'm passionate about our garden heritage, and garden design, and try through my blog to show what I see in the course of my work and travels. 

I'm fortunate to have experienced a range of gardening situations, in a number of beautiful locations. I've enjoyed a good deal of landscaping, planting and maintenance, a little design, a range of events and garden promotions, education, buildings care, and even a touch of garden archaeology. I've worked both for and with professional people from numerous disciplines, along with volunteers, who have been hugely helpful for many years.

I like to record 'my' gardens photographically, and try to bring good quality self taken images to my blog, although sometimes, a quick snap taken in poor light with a mobile camera can be just as telling. The posts I compile are I hope true, honest and original, with an appeal to anyone with the remotest interest in the great outdoors, plants, gardens, wildlife and photography.

I'd be happy to expand on articles you find throughout this blog, to write for other blogs and publications, and maybe - help you with your garden project! Thanks for taking the time to read, I hope you find it interesting and enjoyable.

Gary Webb