Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Plane tree on the move

Most every weekday I walk past 'my' Plane tree twice a day, sometimes more often. It seems like an age ago since I first singled the tree out for following, and if you're interested in finding out what tree following is all about then do look to the links following the post. Basically, the tree is a towering London Plane, positioned centrally in a lovely English estate/parkland position, beside a pretty 18th Century bridge. What follows is my update of the tree and its progress through the season, its intricate and bold features, and the changing environment around its portly trunk.
Compton Verney London Plane. Gary Webb
We're in mid' April, and at last the buds are beginning to break. Luckily, some of the arching branches help with my close up scrutiny, having trailed their branches nicely to eye level - my eye level at least. I suppose this may seem like an all too simple comment, but when you consider the scale of the tree - a few low branches are very welcome for some close up examination! 

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Garden History Society - Forum

An fascinating website, indeed an excellent organisation for all with an interest in our heritage gardens. The Garden History Society, as it states is the oldest society in the world dedicated to the conservation and study of historic designed gardens and landscapes. Do follow the link to my short post in the forum, and explore all the GHS website and organisation has to offer.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Hestercombe - Additional Photography

Hestercombe - The Edwardian GardenHestercombe - Chinese GateHestercombe Gardens - MagnoliaHestercombe GardensHestercombe Garden OrangeryHestercombe Orangery
Hestercombe GardenHestercombe - Edwardian GardenHestercombe Landscape GardenHestercombe Turkish TentHestercombe Turkish TentHestercombe Gardens
Hestercombe Gothic AlcoveHestercombe Garden ArchaeologyHestercombe Box PondHestercombe GardenHestercombe Landscape GardenLutyens and Jekyll

A set of photographs from a Spring 2012 visit to Hestercombe Gardens in Somerset. They are to add further paint to my earlier attempt to describe the gardens in the following blog post:

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Spring @ComptonVerney

Second open day of the 2012 season at Compton Verney, and the mansions west front is glowing in the spring sunshine. The Lime trees, yet to unfurl their shiny leaves allow light to filter through to the resting Aconite foliage, and the Scillas still have blushing smiles to hide. It's great to see visitors back and enjoying the play area and having picnics, and I'm hoping for a great season.