Thursday, 30 May 2013

A Rainy Ice House Coppice

I'm getting the video bug! Was out yesterday in the rain checking out a spot for a bird hide (a temporary one,) for a forthcoming grounds focused activity weekend at Compton Verney. It was raining steadily and as I paused to study the scale of the job ahead, I tuned into the bird song and the drip dripping of rain through the canopy of the overhead horse chestnut. 

The video clip isn't the greatest, having been recorded on a mobile camera, but I hope it goes a little way to showing how special some working moments can be. There was I out in the dreary weather but experiencing nature in all its wonder. The bird song along was worth the few moments I could spare to stop and record. I hope it comes across on the recording, but don't fret - I'm shaping up to get more and better quality video clips over the coming months - watch this space!

Sunday, 26 May 2013


Lush, strappy and ferny foliage were layered under cover of towering palm trees. Rush roofing gave shade to comfy cane chairs on rough-sawn decking. Between these, gravel crunched underfoot, the sound of drums and incense permeated the air and water splashed down a glistening rock-face. Should all the above have not raised a grain of your interest, I could add African animals, a dusty Land Rover and a bar serving good food and long drinks...

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A Volunteer Blogger?

If you've found your way to here, you'll maybe have picked up that this website features articles by yours truly on gardening and related subjects. This post however aims to promote my first article on another website; as a volunteer blogger for the Heritage Open Days team. I hope my involvement with the team can provide a wider platform to spread positive messages about gardens; particularly ones that open for Heritage Open Days.

My personal contribution will be spread over twelve months, which includes articles during the build up to the open days on 12th to 15th September 2013, and afterwards. I hope to bring a heritage garden focus to the team, with articles aimed at attracting new visitors to the open days, and also for organisers who are thinking of opening their gardens in support of Heritage Open Days.

The outcome, as far as my involvement goes will hopefully be a little extra promotion for heritage garden properties, which may indeed trigger repeat visits. To this end I ask a favour or two:

  • Look out for my posts on the Heritage Open Days blog - every 'read' counts.
  • Make a comment - each one helps us guage interest and support for heritage gardens.
  • Please use the share tabs at the bottom of article - share the post and support heritage gardens!
I shall tweet and blog here whenever an article goes live, but do please follow the link to read my very first article; and remember to make a comment!

'Gardens - To visit or not to visit'

p.s. Look out for up-coming posts such as "Selling heritage gardens", and "Plants and People".


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Lord Leycester Hospital and The Master's Garden

I just have to strike another post out while the iron is hot following an excellent visit to the Lord Leycester Hospital in Warwick, just a stones throw from the well known Warwick Castle. The reason for this Saturday visit was a first visit to a ‘Tweet-up’ of all things, more accurately represented as the #LLHtweetup!