Thursday, 30 May 2013

A Rainy Ice House Coppice

I'm getting the video bug! Was out yesterday in the rain checking out a spot for a bird hide (a temporary one,) for a forthcoming grounds focused activity weekend at Compton Verney. It was raining steadily and as I paused to study the scale of the job ahead, I tuned into the bird song and the drip dripping of rain through the canopy of the overhead horse chestnut. 

The video clip isn't the greatest, having been recorded on a mobile camera, but I hope it goes a little way to showing how special some working moments can be. There was I out in the dreary weather but experiencing nature in all its wonder. The bird song along was worth the few moments I could spare to stop and record. I hope it comes across on the recording, but don't fret - I'm shaping up to get more and better quality video clips over the coming months - watch this space!


Sue Catmint said...

lovely gary - I really feel I have been there.

Gardener Gary said...

Thanks for the comment, much appreciated. Hopefully with a little time I'll improve these little video clips... :-)