Monday, 10 October 2011

Compton Verney Grounds

Compton Verney MansionMisty MorningObelisk at Compton VerneyElm Avenue at Compton VerneyYew FungiDSC00146
Winter AconitesCompton RainbowDSC00062The RockCompton Verney ReflectionsDSC08334
Ice House re-buildCompton Verney Ice HouseLaura Ellen BaconStar Making at Compton VerneyWillow dome creation

Compton Verney, a set on Flickr.

General photographs of the grounds at Compton verney, Taken by Gary

Friday, 7 October 2011

Stowe Landscape Gardens

Note: Addition to this 2011 post, prompted by the interesting tweets from the #stowetweetup group this weekend. I visited Stowe in September 2011 and was inspired to write a little about Lancelot 'Capability' Browns connection there. I've since picked up a little more that is worth adding to the post to complete the story so to speak. 90% of the post reads as before - I've tacked the addition right on the end - see below!