Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Lake Netting at Compton Verney

I thought a quick update was in order to cover one of our more interesting days, one entailing a lake netting activity. The exercise was led by Andrew Ellis, a locally based consultant who toiled away with his assistants on a misty October day, whilst gallery visitors passed by on their way to see the recently launched Tapestry exhibition.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Grounds Update October 17th 2012

We are slipping down gently into winter in the grounds at Compton Verney, and gradually the lawn mowing is giving way to cleaning and tidying, and my thoughts are focusing towards preparing for the next growing season. The months have passed swiftly by yet again, and although water has featured in abundance, we have had our share of favourable weather; indeed the temperatures have been much preferable for outdoor working. The autumn colours are creeping into the trees slowly, but with a great deal of mature conifer cover, it is to the shrubs and young trees that I turn for my dazzling autumn top up of colour.


The future of the grounds at Compton Verney will, with a bit more planning, a large splodge of hard work, and a good measure of luck; be