Monday, 30 September 2013

A garden visit to Dyrham Park

Thought I'd enter a post for the RHS Gardening Blogs competition, although true to type, there's a glitch that won't let me install the button correctly on my main page! I've therefore included RHS images that at least direct interested folk to the RHS blog competition page - click for more information and to enter too!

To begin...

Last week we found ourselves ‘down south’ in Swindon for a business trip, and a lunchtime finish left us with a rare free afternoon. As the weather was fine, quite warm in fact, a visit to a nearby garden seemed too good to miss. A quick scan of the nearby garden properties threw National Trust Dyrham Park into view, but a half hours drive away. I knew from past visits that a neat garden was tucked away behind the mansion, so it was a good bet that we’d have the chance to wander amongst some late season colour.