Thursday, 8 December 2011

Rosemoor Sculpture 2011/12

2nd December 2011 proved perfect for tracking around a well known garden in Devon - Rosemoor. I'd been drawn by the winter sculpture exhibition currently running until February 2012. The exhibition contained numerous works, many being for sale. Contemporary, sleek and unusual, through to quirky and amusing, sculptures were placed throughout the gardens and acted as a worthwhile draw to the gardens at this quieter time of year. 
Rosemoor was dampened from the previous nights soaking and the lawns positively oozed with moisture. The weather was mild however, and the gardens as tidy as ever. A lone gardener atop a well used tractor
 chugged along the gravel pathways, on weekend duties, and the colourful stems of the winter garden refreshed my belief that, with a little planning and thought, a garden need not go to sleep in the 'sleepy' season. Luckily for this visit I was accompanied by my lovely daughter Becky, who was knee high to a grass hopper last time we toddled around together, just a few years back. These days she competes for a go with the camera, and a mean shot she is too. The photographs below are a mixture of hers and mine and you'd be hard pressed to tell them apart - she's got a very artistic eye!
Following a hearty lunch we enjoyed a relaxed and refreshing amble to see the sculptures and talk about our days - sublime. We were drawn to many of the sculptures that were eclectic to say the least, and as ever the trail guide we followed was of the usually high Royal Horticultural Society standard. We even had time for a little Christmas shopping - shhhhh!
 I've added titles where possible and I make no apology for this post being an excuse to post photographs of the sculptures and things we found interesting. Credit goes to Becky for keeping us to the trail, and for indulging me in my passion for gardens and sculpture. Oh yes, for her keen photography skills too; she'll be better than me soon! (Teamwork, eh?!)

Links to information follow the photographs, and I'd thoroughly recommend a visit if you have time before the end of February.  

'Heron' Michael Kusz. Recycled copper.
Betula utilis var. jacquemontii. Winter Garden, Rosemoor.
'The Sun Hat' Melanie Deegan. Mixed Media. Rosemoor.

'Refuge' Susan Long. Mixed media/fabric. Rosemoor.

'Pebble Monolith' Doreen Gardener. Stoneware. Rosemoor Sculpture.
Peter Rabbit....
'Laid Back' Bob Waters. Stainless steel. Rosemoor sculpture.
'Bats' (Unknown title) Michael Kusz. Recycled copper.
Rosemoor Sculpture.
'Driftwood Tree with Birds' Bryan Sentance. Driftwood.
Rosemoor Sculpture.
'Driftwood Tree with Birds' Bryan Sentance. Driftwood.
Rosemoor Sculpture.

'Hedera' Liz Baber. Marble and slate composite.
Rosemoor Sculpture.
'Artistic Endeavours' Becky and Dad. Rosemoor 2011

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