Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Wellesbourne Allotments - NGS Open Day 2012

An excuse to post a few happy pictures arose last weekend with a quick visit to Wellesbourne Allotments, which welcomed visitors in support of the National Garden Scheme. I've been intrigued by the allotments, having driven by for a couple of years or so, and this was a great opportunity to explore and have a look beyond the fence. Of course, it was also an excellent opportunity for my boy to explore too, I therefore played catch up for much of our visit, to ensure he didn't stomp across anyones finely prepared plot!
I must say, all visitors were made to feel very welcome, and it was a nice surprise to find a scarecrow competition staged, which offered something of interest for my little one, who otherwise would have ran the site in under twenty minutes! Therefore, following our search for a favourite scarecrow, I am able to bring you this rapid post with our top scarecrow choices...
Luckily, this Fred wasn't as unwelcoming as he looked!

So this is where he's been tucked away? Down on't allotment!
 Slighty disturbing use of old clothes!

Now, if you think your husband is down the allotment and out of trouble, content to be tilling the soil
 in a contemplative sort of way, then think again...

Gather round an i'll tell ye a yarn or three about the other plots......aaargh!

I just loved this one!

The hour or so we spent touring the grassy paths was for me - a real inspiration. A typical allotment really, the plots billowing with leafy produce, some corners reserved for wildflowers etc, but a really great atmosphere filled the air. A band ensured jazzy tunes wafted across the site constantly, and stalls made for engaging and entertaining conversation. I hope all involved had a great day, and I hope it is repeated next year. The last photo shows Louis' fixed look for the duration of the visit, as I don't think he could really figure out what it was all about - I was also lagging behind, much to his annoyance! Many thanks once again to all involved, a great job and worth the effort - the allotments were looking great!


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