Friday, 28 September 2012

Bats at Dunster Castle

While I'm on the subject of bats at the moment, I thought I'd dig out one of my (our) old clips of bats at Dunster Castle. But a handful of years ago, we were caught in the spotlight whilst working at Dunster Castle, a National Trust property in West Somerset.
Lesser Horseshoe bats had taken up residency, and were the subject of much attention, especially after the fitting of an infra-red camera that caught excellent footage of a mother bat helping her pup to spread its wings in practise. Dunster has subsequently produced a brilliant bat focused area in the crypt at the castle, with an excellent interactive interpretation area. It was great to visit recently and we were really impressed with the team achievement.
It was great to be there at the outset, and we enjoyed many fascinating bat evenings walking down through the lushly planted garden terraces and river garden, when we were guaranteed sightings of bats in the fair weather months - which was most of the year to be honest! I thought I'd grimace a little in order to take a quick breeze down memory lane and add a little to the exposure of Dunster's amazing bats - do visit if you get the chance!
The link to the clip shows the humble if effective origins of the bat story at Dunster, and whilst I still cringe to see footage of me in particular, it is good to see how far Dunster has progressed with its bat interpretation since then, and it's also nice to see my good lady too, who tells it like it is (with a big National Trust SMILE of course!!)

Even better coverage of Dunster Castle's bats on the NT Webpage.


Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

Haven't worked out how to make the clip work. Maybe because my internet connection has dipped. Will try again.

Gardener Gary said...

Hi Lucy, Have you had any luck with the clip as yet? Gary

Gardens at Waters East said...

Nice to stumble on your blog today. See you soon. Jack