Monday, 17 December 2012

Autumn absence.

Well well well, It has been a while since I last graced this blog with my presence, and for good reason! Whilst 'work' may have been incredibly busy, this wasn't in itself the reason for my absence. It was mostly down to a block on the ability to add any further images with posts - totally out of my hands.

Hopefully the problem has been sorted now, so I thought I'd add at least one image to test the water so to speak. As time presents, I shall embark on my yearly reviews, maybe spread across a few posts, which shall cover some of the many events I've experienced throughout my gardening year.

I've really missed writing about the autumn in particular - always a very special time for gardens and landscape. I hope you're all getting along well, and, all being well, i'll be back before long with a new more engaging post.

Best wishes,


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Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

Hope you have a very happy Christmas.

Looking forward to more posts through 2013. (Picassa seems to have been amalgamated with Drive so you should have lots of space now.)