Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Croome Park Revisited!

A set of before-and-after photographs showing the rate of progress and achievement during restoration and rebirth of the National Trust's Croome Park, Worcestershire; an early and significant Eighteenth Century Lancelot 'Capability' Brown landscape.

The Grotto approach...
Grotto approach - structure fenced during archaeology/repair, initial planting in.

and most recently...
Grotto open to visitors, path restored and banks smoothed and beautifully kept.

The Island Pavilion...
Archaeology in progress

and most recently...
Pavilion restored with new steps, new landscaping.

Lakeside Gardens...
Paths located, initial planting into the ground. 

and most recently...
Same location, paths restored and planting grows!

The Temple Greenhouse...
Temple Greenhouse with young Cedars and ground archaeology showing 

and most recently...(Who says Cedars are slow growers?!)
Trees now thriving at 5m+, and lights returned to greenhouse.

The gap of around ten years between these images show that gardens just keep moving forward, indeed the growth rate on the Cedar tree illustrates how quickly those eighteenth century gardens, with their exotic trees became established!

Here's one more for those who know Croome as it is now, to show the significant progress, especially along the evergreen shrubbery over the last few years - a great effort indeed.

Early stages of restoration, this image shows a retained group of trees at the entrance to the Evergreen Shrubbery, with ha-ha stretching around towards the Temple Greenhouse. Image taken from Church roof.

Keep up the great work team - it is coming on a treat!

Gary Webb

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