Monday, 29 December 2014

A Flavour of Charlecote

Took ourselves off for a winters walk in the sunshine at Charlecote Park this afternoon. Not as adventurous as some I admit, but quite an achievement given the toss up between another feet-up-in-the-warm day and the hard frost that awaited any adventure!

It turned out to be a brilliant afternoon, and as it was a family visit, I opted not to take all the camera kit, just the DSLR slung over my shoulder.... and typically, due to the frost and sunlight, there was a photo opportunity at every step!

Anyway, here's a selection of my better results - can't wait to get out & take some more!

Looking from Charlecote village area towards the house, a couple of isolated fallow deer keep their heads down near an old tree grove.

Partially frozen, the exposed pool and its islands offer some scope for reflection. 

Skittish with onlookers nearby, the deer keep their eyes peeled, but pose and play perfectly as ever. This is as close as I could get with a measly 50mm lens! 

Two swans tame the fast flowing Avon with ease as they paddle for a sunset swim... 

Last one up is the sun setting beyond the avenue, with 'Capability' Brown's the serpentine River Dene snaking through the foreground. Sublime....

The sunshine bathed the parkland beautifully all afternoon, lighting up the partially frozen pond, trees and stonework - I could have spent all day photographing! The photos only give a little of the flavour of Charlecote, you just have to visit to really appreciate it!
Images © Gary Webb 2014

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