Monday, 22 November 2010

‘The Flying Gardener’ was a label used for Chris Beardshaw in his TV series not so long ago, although the way November has flown by, I could justifiably borrow the title for while! ‘Work,’ as in grounds work at Compton Verney is showing no signs of a slow down for winter, what with the ongoing autumn clear up merging seamlessly into the Christmas build up.

In fact, I can’t remember a winter at all where the well described retreat to the garden shed, & the seed catalogues actually materialises! I’m not complaining though, as the shorter day length & lowering temperatures need extra activity to keep the blood pumping. A drive in the morning nippy air, on a tractor can, with virtually no body movement – chill you to the core. However a good session raking leaves is actually quite welcome – especially if the winter sun makes an appearance.

I intend to update you all with more info about my days at Compton, but whilst the Ice House restoration moves on apace, we’ve been busy; erecting Christmas trees, repairing lawns, plotting positions for new year tree planting,  & generally trying to keep the grounds looking their best. The Ice House by the way is looking dramatic at the moment, with its ‘wigwam’ of roof timber towering above the brick dome. It’ll look fantastic in the New Year, when the thatch has had a while to tone down a little.  

Speaking of the new year, there are two exciting exhibitions to look forward to at Compton Verney, & No - I'm not working on commision! Both exhibitions are running from June 25th to 2nd October, & are titled; Stanley Spencer & the English Garden, & 'Capability' Brown, & the landscapes of middle England.  
Obviously, with my interest in historic gardening, I'm really looking forward to seeing the exhibitions take place, & I can only hope that the artistic talents of Lancelot Brown become known, appreciated & understood by a new & wider audience - he was a genius! (A contracts manager, but a genius none the less!) 
Anyway, I better sign off, I'm late preparing dinner :-O

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