Thursday, 2 December 2010

Winter Wonderland

Snow, Ice, & more Snow!

Well, what a huge change in the weather! The leaf clearing (exciting….not) was not quite finalised before snow time arrived last weekend, & so for a while, all work changes.

The grounds have changed a huge amount over the last week or so, due mostly to the dramatic change in the weather – more than to any miraculous effort by my good self! Hoar frosts have lit up the trees, powdered snow is carpeting the woodland garden area, (or ice house coppice, as it is known,) & the lakes are solid with ice - with a dusting of snow of course! Its harsh weather for grounds/garden visiting, but it is such a magical place in the wintery weather.

Agreed, most ‘public’ gardens are closed at this time of year, other than for special events. The growth of blogging & tweeting by gardeners however, especially with photographs, is really opening up these special places to us all. ‘What a worthy cause’ I hear you say. Go on, take a photo of a garden, your garden even, & post it!

Ah well, a couple of days off for me now, & maybe all the snow will be gone by the time I return to work. Until then, enjoy the snow!

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(Apologies for the poor photo quality, latest mobile takes poor photo's. Thats my excuse anyway!)

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