Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Warming Winter Photograph's - No.2

‘Warming Winter Photographs,’ are a set of posts I intended to add to my blog during this festive period, from the comfort of my Warwickshire home (Burst water pipes & leaking roof aside...) I do realise, that some viewers aren't enduring freezing conditions, indeed, the weather here has improved much in the last two days & the thaw continues - only the hardiest of snowmen surviving locally!
This is the second in my short series of blog posts & shows photo's taken at various gardens over the last few years. Have a guess which gardens are featured - & not all are local to Warwick UK... I enjoy shooting gardens where I work & on visits, mostly for personal record, & I hope you enjoy having a look through.



maria said...

Which requires the most skill and imagination formal or informal?

Gardener Gary said...

Very taxing question for one like me....How long have you got?! A formal garden can easily be lifted from the pages of many text books, although I am over simplifying it maybe. An informal garden however, (easily confused with a 'wildflower' garden,) can be difficult to design. Both types do rely heavily on the choice of planting to create the mood, which is where the skill comes in. I think its easier to imagine an informal flower border compared to a formal one; the formal border being more likely to have repeated &/or easily seen structural planting. I do very easily get bored looking at formal gardens - unless they have very clever 'informal' planting! Combining the two types of garden can have dramatic results.