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Lake Survey Compton Verney 2011

A particular event in the grounds at Compton Verney, back at the end of September, was a lake survey completed for us by Andrew Ellis of AE Fisheries. The work was restricted to a day and therefore could only be a representative survey, intending to ascertain water quality, the health and types of fish that occupy the upper lake, which is approximately 10 acres. This post is, I apologise in advance, mostly a photographic record. Not only was the day beautiful, with the water glistening from the constant sunshine (not a day to be in waders I can tell you,) but as there is a great deal of interest in the lake, I thought I'd at least show what happened, for all interested parties!

Compton Verney 2011 Gary Webb
  Andrew and team arrived nice and early, and with professionalism got straight on with the job, unloading the boat and gear. Although merely spectators, we watched at selected times to get a feel for how things were going, to explain to visitors what was happening, and of course to see what came out of the nets as they were reeled in.

Andy and Andy head out at start of day, at Compton Verney
People often ask about the lake and its fish, and information about varieties given out thus far has been spot on - Carp, Tench, Roach, Bream & Pike. We knew this from the types recorded as being caught by our angling membership thus far, some of whom have been fishing the lake for many years. The post from here on is mostly the photo's, but before I add these, I just want to say, for the record, that Andy and his team were very professional from the outset, and carried out an effective survey. Our suspicions regarding the size of the fish (small on the whole,) were confirmed, along with very handy information about the silting up of the top end of the lake. We now have suggestions for better lake management, and I hope we'll be able to capitalise on these with a new programme of lake management over the next few years.
Netting begins at Compton Verney

Reeling in the first catch of the day.

Examining the catch, as you can see, not the largest on this occasion!
Pike - 1st of the day at Compton Verney
Scouting around the lake to record species that escaped the netting.

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Compton Verney
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