Monday, 21 May 2012

Plane Tree is GO!

The buds have well and truly burst now, and whilst time is short, (it always is at this time of year,) I wanted to pop a little post out to show the tree following folk the progress with my tree so far. The leaves have finally pushed out of those pointed buds, and are unfolding and making the most of our long awaited spring sunshine, the photo below was taken on 15th May 2012.

London Plane at Compton Verney. Gary Webb.
It seems an age since the buds first started to open, and it will be a while yet before the leaves  grow to their full potential, around 25cm their widest. It will eventually form the usual maple-like leaf shape, and as you can see they also possess fine hairs which are shed and said to irritate asthma sufferers.
I'll be passing by the tree often over the coming weeks, and will be watching closely to see the development, bringing the odd photo to record the changes. Do check the link below , where Lucy has posted links to other tree followers, who are following an array of wonderful trees - all unique with a story to tell - the photographs are brilliant - much better than my quickly taken one below! 

Acer x acerifolia at Compton Verney. Gary Webb


Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

That new glossiness makes me smile. There's often a range of colours in new leaves too that we can miss unless we look close. Just as beautiful as autumn leaves but less 'in your face'.

Gardener Gary said...

Thanks for comment. I'd agree completely, the foliage is at various stages of growth still, with a full range of textures and sizes. It's so easy to walk past without paying any attention, but to stop and look up is well worth the effort - the foliage is so fresh and, in this heat we're having, is providing some nice shade!

Tree Service Queens said...

Indeed the second one takes on a whole new life look, congratulations.

Sucks for the people with Asthma! Your plants look great

-Oscar Valencia