Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Plane Trees in London

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee has brought my focus once again to our capital, and with so much of the Jubilee activity being in the open air, my attention has frequently drifted to the trees that have been evident, most notably along Pall Mall. I thought it worthwhile therefore to bring together a few links for anyone who might also have wondered about those very trees that brought a touch of English greenery to the overall scene.
The trees I am referring to are, as far as I could trace - London Plane trees. They are planted widely throughout the capital, and indeed give the tree its commonly known name. Even allowing for their considerable size, they are to be found growing in cities all around the world, for a number of useful reasons. Along with an aesthetically pleasing mottled trunk, and a tolerance to pollarding, the maple shaped foliage is practical in its shade provision, and also in its resistance to pollution. Those shown on our screens over the last few days of the jubilee were most notable along Pall Mall, which was lined also with thousands of cheering people, focusing attention towards the Victoria Memorial to the front of Buckingham Palace.
The London Plane, or Platanus x acerifolia, is detailed nicely on the links below, which I feel give a reasonable introduction to the tree in its London setting. I've also taken the opportunity to add a link to my blog, where you'll find more information on a Plane Tree that I am currently 'following'. In 'Gardening Ways', I'll explain all about the Plane tree growing a little closer to home at Compton Verney, in Warwickshire. 

I hope you find the links useful and interesting:


Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

Shall I put a link to this as a 'tree following' post?

Gardener Gary said...

Hi Lucy, Yes if you could put a link that would be great, many thanks. I hope all is well. Gary