Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Butterfly Bite - Red Admiral

This was one of those beautiful garden sights that stopped me in my tracks.
A quick snap on a dusty mobile phone it may be, and a common butterfly many would say, but I snapped this Red Admiral a few moments ago as it paused on some Verbena bonariensis blossom. Nothing outstanding on the face of it, but with my head down in work most all the time, at such a vast place as Compton Verney to boot, it is easy to miss the finer things that are just off to one side.


Another snippet worth mentioning, is the plant it sits on - which didn't even exist last year. The Verbena was one of a number of 'historic' plants, brought in this spring to add colour and interest to an otherwise plain shrubbery. It obviously worked, as while I stretched slowly to photograph the butterfly, a hoverfly landed on my arm to watch the proceedings!


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